June 18, 2024
Vital inclusion for pregnancy insurance

Vital inclusion for pregnancy insurance

Pregnancy coverage can provide you with piece of mind when it comes to choosing your favourite doctor and hospital if you are considering expanding your family and are considering having other children.

Making the decision to become a parent is a thrilling event; nevertheless, it also carries with it a significant change in your life that can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

The recurring costs that are associated with the expectation of the arrival of the infant may cause some families to question whether or not they require the additional expense of private health insurance.

The Associate Professor and President of the National Association of Specialists, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Dr. Gino Peccorano, stated that everyone ought to give some thought to purchasing pregnancy insurance because “fifty percent of spontaneous pregnancies in Australia are unplanned.”

“When you make the decision to have health insurance, you should consider having a policy that includes pregnancy because all methods of contraception have failure rates,” he added. “This is because pregnancy is a risk that is associated with being pregnant.”

Your health insurance should cover all areas of a woman’s health, including reproductive health, and you should make sure that it does so without exception.

What is pregnancy insurance?

Ed Close, the Chief Executive Officer of nib’s Australian Residents Health Insurance, suggests that if you are considering starting a family, you should consider purchasing gold tier hospital cover, which includes coverage for pregnancy.

“It gives you the freedom to choose your own doctor, the option to give birth in a private hospital room, and it helps cover you for those necessary pregnancy appointments such as having antenatal classes provided by the hospital,” he added. “It also gives you the option to give birth in a private hospital room.”

In the event that you are interested in post-natal care, which may include services rendered by a midwife or a lactation consultant, selecting an extras product such as Top Extras will provide you the opportunity to participate in additional care options.

When should you get pregnancy cover?

Under the majority of health insurance policies, including nib’s Gold Top Hospital cover, a member must wait a period of twelve months before they are able to make a claim for treatments related to pregnancy and birth.

According to Mr Close’s advice, “This indicates that you will need to either join or upgrade your cover to a Gold level of coverage at least three months before you begin trying to fall pregnant.”

Nevertheless, once the baby is delivered, they are not immediately covered by the health policy that they have purchased.

In the event that you have family coverage, Mr. Close suggests getting in touch with your insurance provider to add the name of your child to your policy within two years of the date of their birth. This will ensure that you do not have to go through any waiting periods.

In the event that the infant requires immediate medical assistance during the birthing process, the infant will be covered for the same services that the parent who has been on the policy for the longest period of time is covered for, provided that the infant is added to the policy after the fact within the required time frame.

What should you include in pregnancy cover?

Parents should keep in mind, according to Dr. Gino Peccorano, that private health insurance does not begin to pay out until after the patient has been admitted to the hospital.

When it comes to selecting pregnancy coverage, however, Dr. Peccorano suggests keeping an eye out for particular items that will assist you in providing support both during and after the delivery of your kid. These include the following:

  1. In light of the fact that not all hospitals accept all health funds, it is imperative that you check with the hospital where you intend to give birth to determine whether or not your health fund is approved by the hospital.
  2. When you give birth, you have the option of being examined by a physiotherapist who works within the hospital, either because they are employed by the hospital or because they are private. Make sure that your health insurance covers physiotherapy while you are in the hospital by checking with your insurer.
  3. Additionally, he recommends that you make sure to double check with your health fund to ensure that you are not responsible for paying for the discharge scripts, X-rays, or blood tests. This is because certain health funds do not pay for these services.

Mr. Close suggests that family coverage is the best choice when it comes to selecting the type of insurance to purchase. This is due to the fact that there are instances in which both adults may want assistance throughout the course of their pregnancy.

As a result of this, families have the ability to select a combination of hospital and supplemental coverage that is tailored to meet their specific requirements in terms of both their health and their lifestyle, he explained.

“You will need to purchase Gold Top Hospital if you want to be covered for pregnancy,” the insurance provider said.

What are the benefits of pregnancy cover?

According to Dr. Peccorano, the optimal model of care for pregnant women is one in which they continue to see the same person throughout their delivery. This model has been shown to obtain the greatest ratings with regard to patient satisfaction. Coverage for pregnancy can be of assistance in this regard.

Having private obstetric care with a specialist obstetrician of your choosing through health insurance is the only way to ensure that you have genuine continuity of care from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way through to the delivery of your baby, he explained.

Ed Close, who works at nib, stated that pregnancy insurance is an excellent choice for parents who want the freedom to select their own physician and hospital for the delivery of their child of their own choosing.

“It is also likely that you will get your own private room if you choose to give birth in a private hospital,” he said. “This is something that may not be available in a public hospital but is available in a private hospital.”

How much does pregnancy cover cost?

When you select Gold Top Hospital, members of the NIM are required to also purchase additional services.

cover, which may include prenatal and postnatal care services as well as other medical services.

It is essential to keep in mind that not all extras products cover the additional services, such as antenatal and postnatal treatments; thus, if you want to be sure that you are able to have everything, Top Extras is a smart alternative to consider,” Mr. Close stated.

Beginning at $49.41* a week, the cost of Gold Top Hospital with Top Extras is available to customers.


Without health insurance, how much does it cost to see an OB-GYN?


Mr. Close is of the opinion that the cost of an obstetrician-gynecologist visit or consultation will differ from one state to another and from one obstetrician to another.

Outpatient services that are related to pregnancy and birth-related treatments, such as obstetrics and gynaecology, are not covered by private health insurance, according to what he said.

There is a possibility that Medicare will pay for certain services. You should always verify with your provider to determine which services are covered by your health insurance policy or by Medicare. This is something that we strongly encourage.

In conclusion, pregnancy coverage through private health insurance offers peace of mind and flexibility in choosing care providers and hospitals. Understanding the benefits, costs, and timing of obtaining coverage can help expectant parents navigate this important decision effectively. By considering various options and ensuring coverage aligns with individual needs, families can enjoy a smoother pregnancy journey with added support and security.