Shocking! The 2023 Car Trends You Won’t Believe Exist – Are They Even Necessary

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, introducing new technologies and design trends to captivate consumers.

While many of these innovations enhance the driving experience, there are a handful that leave enthusiasts scratching their heads. In this post, we’ll dissect the top six car trends of 2023 that have left us wondering if they’re truly for the better.

1. Massive Touch Screens: Are We Going Overboard?

In the age of advanced technology, touch screens have become ubiquitous, and cars are no exception. However, some manufacturers have taken it to the extreme by burying essential functions within touchscreen menus.

Imagine having to navigate through layers of menus just to adjust your glove box or activate heated seats. While replacing physical knobs and buttons can streamline a vehicle’s aesthetic, it’s important not to sacrifice accessibility and convenience in the process.