10 Things you should never do in AWD & 4WD Cars

8. The Pitfalls of Putting Your Car in Park Before a Complete Stop

Putting your car in park before it has come to a complete stop may seem like a harmless habit, but it can have detrimental effects on your all-wheel drive car’s transmission.

When you shift into park, a pin engages to lock the transmission’s output shaft, which is connected to the wheels. If you engage park while the vehicle is still moving, you risk putting immense stress on this locking pin.

This can lead to serious damage, potentially resulting in costly repairs. While newer cars have safety features in place to prevent this, older models may not, making it crucial to exercise caution.

By ensuring your car has fully come to a stop before shifting into park, you can safeguard your all-wheel drive car’s transmission and avoid potential issues down the line.

Remember, a little patience can go a long way in preserving the longevity of your vehicle. Taking the time to ensure your car is fully stationary before shifting into park is a small but important step in responsible driving and maintenance.

By avoiding this potentially harmful habit, you can contribute to the overall health and durability of your all-wheel drive car.