10 Things you should never do in AWD & 4WD Cars

6. Preserve Your Transfer Case: Prioritize Lubrication

The transfer case in your all-wheel drive vehicle plays a pivotal role in ensuring power is evenly distributed between the front and rear axles.

To maintain its functionality and extend its lifespan, it’s imperative to keep it well-lubricated. Over time, wear and tear produce particles that can mix with the oil, hastening the aging process of internal components.

Considering its proximity to hot exhaust elements, the transfer case’s fluid can deteriorate sooner than expected. Be attentive to your vehicle’s specific fluid requirements, as different systems may demand varying types of gear oil.

Staying diligent with routine fluid changes, especially if your car experiences rigorous driving conditions, is a proactive measure to prevent premature wear and potential breakdowns.

By prioritizing proper lubrication, you’re effectively ensuring that this critical component of your all-wheel drive system operates smoothly, contributing to a reliable and enduring driving experience.