10 Things you should never do in AWD & 4WD Cars

5. Handbrake Churns: A Transmission Pitfall to Avoid

Engaging in handbrake churns in an all-wheel drive car might seem like a harmless thrill, but it’s a practice that can lead to serious transmission damage. When the handbrake is pulled, it induces a sudden slowing of the rear wheels, subjecting the transfer case to intense stress.

This component, responsible for distributing torque between the front and rear wheels, isn’t designed to endure such abrupt shifts in speed.

Additionally, the engine must exert itself to counteract the resistance of the handbrake. This places unnecessary strain on the drivetrain, potentially leading to costly repairs.

For the sake of your all-wheel drive car’s longevity, it’s crucial to resist the temptation of handbrake churns and instead explore safer, more controlled methods of achieving the desired driving experience.